Elements Junior · Grades 5 - 7

This is our preteens ministry, which welcomes children from grades 5 – 7. This ministry offers faith enriching lessons, as well as lots of fun activities and games! At this age, kids are about to transition into high school and Elements Jr. spiritually prepares them for this next chapter. This ministry provides an open environment where the kids are free to ask any questions they may have about God and life. Each of our Elements Jr. teachers exude a love for Christ and lead the kids into deeper relationship with Him. The goal of this ministry is for the kids to become rooted in their faith, while building relationship with each other and having fun!

Elements Senior · Grades 8 - 11

This ministry is for all high school students from grades 8 – 11. This ministry serves as a safe place to learn about the life-changing truth of Jesus Christ. We have gender-specific life group leaders for each grade, who are dedicated to loving their life group kids, answering their questions and leading them towards Jesus. Following worship in the main service the Elements Sr. group meets up in their own room.