Ok, let’s be honest here. I woke up with severe pain this week. Wisdom Teeth …. Its only agenda is to cause discomfort and it succeeded. But here’s the truth. If I follow my feelings they would say: “Don’t get up, don’t go to work, don’t bother doing what you have planned to do. They would tell me to feel sorry for myself, you can’t do this, it doesn’t matter anyway. Feelings are liars. They shout at you – Your head Hurts!!! They feed your flesh when we are born of a different spirit. Please know that though you may not feel great and the truth is sometimes you need to go back to bed. More often than not a life that is feeling led is impossible to follow and leadership that allows feelings to forge the future is very dangerous. Imagine if Jesus allowed his feelings to direct his destiny, imagine how differently he would have spoken and handled the critics, those who hurt and betrayed him. The cross proves when he called out ‘not my will but yours be done’ that feelings were not in charge. Today examine where feelings are running and probably ruining your life. Don’t allow how you feel to choose your companionship, your worship, your generosity, words, job, attitudes, your plans.
We have to learn to live from a place much deeper and much sweeter. A place that is not ignorant of feelings, but not a prisoner to them either. Don’t be manipulated by moods, don’t be hijacked by hurts, don’t get sucked into the vortex your feelings will build you, confusing your choices and derailing your destiny. Stop being led by your emotions and realize today that we can choose what we will follow. We can choose what attitude we will have, you have the power to say sorry, to say yes or no, to change the atmosphere and break the fear. So today; I am getting up, I will go into work, I will pack my bag and I will have a great day helping people. I will worship and give thanks and I will let my faith not my feelings speak. How about you? Come on, you got this! Just take a step at a time, starve those feelings and stir up your spirit. Surrender your will and let his words direct your path. God is with you.

Pastor Andreas

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